Welcome to Treet and Green

Treet and Green is a dedicated dining area within the Marches Shopping Centre in Dundalk. We’re committed to providing our customers with delicious and healthy food options. We only use the freshest ingredients in all our salads and sandwiches. All of our food is made to order.
We’re Louth’s flat bread central location. Our mouth-watering flat bread is lovingly prepared and a great alternative to traditional pan bread.
Treet and Green offer customers the best of both worlds, healthy convenient lunch and dinner options that taste amazing. Our flexible menu caters to all dietary requirements including vegetarians and vegans.

Do you want a snack or meal that doesn’t compromise on health or taste? Then get in contact with Treet and Green today.

Tossed healthy Salad

At Treet and Green, we only use the freshest raw ingredients for our salads. Our salads are filling, healthy and combine to create a fusion of rich exotic flavours. Our salad's delicious taste is only matched by their convenience. All of our salads are made to order and can be enjoyed inside Treet And Green or as a takeaway.
Clients have the option of creating their own salad or choosing one of the salad options we provide for customers.

Healthy Sandwiches.

The sandwiches available at Treet and green are only made from the freshest ingredients, this ensures all the health benefits and flavours are sealed in. Don’t compromise with stale, pre-wrapped supermarket sandwiches; enjoy a delicious guilt-free sandwich at Treet And Green.

Italian Style Barista Coffee

Borrowing the tricks and techniques of the master Italian baristas, Treet and Green can offer their customers beautifully aromatic, Italian style coffee. Our team of highly trained barista’s make sure every cup, is brimming with the velvet smooth, rich texture of our carefully selected coffee beans.

Nothing quite complements our flatbread sandwiches like a hot steaming cup of our Italian style coffee.

Get in contact with Treet and Green today to find out more about our menu options.